Nail Clipping £5.00

Bath (two washes in shampoo, a conditioning treatment and blow dry)

Small short haired breed £8.00

Medium short haired breed £10.00

Large short haired breed £12.00

Small long haired breed £10.00

Medium long haired breed £12.00

Large long haired breed £15.00

Hydro Therapy Bath (add cost to bath or full groom service) £3.00

A relaxing invigorating treatment for your dog that improves circulation

Spa treatments (add cost to bath or full groom service)

Pure Dead Sea salt - restorative bath soak nourishes skin and coat and relaxes the muscles. Ideal for use for mature/convalescent dog. £3.00

Mineral Anti-Ageing Bath - a deep cleansing exfoliant-like cream dissolves dirt and dead skin cells without over drying or affecting the skins natural lipid balance. Moisturises coat and skin to protect against ageing. £2.50

Mineral Mud Bath - cleanses deep down eliminating impurities and toxins, repels fleas and ticks, relieves skin irritation, facilitates moulting and aids circulation. £3.00

Full Groom Service (includes nail clipping, bath, blow dry, ear cleaning and clipping and styling to breed standard or to your specification)

Toy Breed £20.00

Small Breed £25.00

Medium Breed £30,00

Large Breed £40.00

Giant Breed £60.00

Please note there may be additional charges for a badly matted coat, or a price reduction for a well maintained coat. Obviously all dogs are different and the above prices are for a guide only.